Monday, May 10, 2010

This isn't your parents Christian music...

Brace yourselves for the next great local band to come roaring through, and one of Missouri’s own shall lead them…

The Christian rock band Human Anyway is celebrating the release of their first album, “Yet To Be Determined.” Their music is driving, and the message they offer through their songs is one of hope, forgiveness, and the right to be, well, human.

The Springfield, MO band is led by Zac Rantz, whose lead vocals are crisp and fun. Brothers Jeremy and Chris Anglen play lead guitar and bass respectively, and Jeremy’s powerful backing vocals are heard in many of the band’s rock numbers. John Van Gordon’s rhythm guitar and Matt Petry’s drumming round out the band’s full sound, and although these guys have only played together a few years, they work tightly together and compliment each other well. I enjoyed listening to the “Yet To Be Determined” demo, not just because I know a few of these guys, but also because their songs are progressive. This is not an album where every song sounds the same and covers the same topic. Each track is unique, having it’s own sound and message. From “Humble Me,” which jumps out and lets you know this isn’t your parent’s Christian music that you’re hearing, to the slower ballad “Dear Child” and the catchy groove of “Beautiful Disaster” (as a side note – are there any Christian rock bands in the last ten years who haven’t had a song called “Beautiful Disaster”?), the album keeps you entertained, tapping your feet, and, in some cases, banging your head. Like most bands starting out the guys have written all their own songs, which once again proves how diverse they are in style and talent. Probably the best compliment I can give the band on their first recording is this – it doesn’t sound like a homegrown recording. This record actually sounds like an accomplished band.

I’ve also seen the band live, and was really impressed with their stage presence. They have fun together and play off each other well, and their loyal following proves it. There is nothing quite like seeing a good band in concert and feeling the beat vibrate all the way down to your shoes… I highly suggest seeing them live if you get the chance.

Human Anyway’s debut CD was released in March and is available in limited release and on iTunes.. You can also purchase the song What You Get Is What You See from  For more information visit the band’s website.

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  1. These guys are a great band and I love listening to their music! Keep up the good work!