Saturday, May 15, 2010

Join Tina Fey and Steve Carell for a "Date Night"!

Catch Steve Carell and Tina Fey in roles you've seen them in at least 100 times... but it still adds up to a great night of comedy and an excuse for a Date Night!

Carell and Fey play Phil and Claire Foster, a very normal, very boring couple who live just outside New York City. Their's is a comfortable life - two kids, a nice house, solid careers. But when two of their best friends announce they are getting divorced because their marriage is in a rut, Phil and Claire take action to prevent their marriage from ending up the same. What is supposed to be an exciting dinner at a new restaurant turns into a case of mistaken identities, grand larsony, and highly entertaining comedy.

Written by Josh Klausner (writer of Shrek The Third and Shrek Forever After) and directed by Shawn Levy of Night At The Museum fame, Date Night offers a little something for every type of comedic taste. Those that appreciate Steve Carell's face contortions and signature verbal... blatherings will love watching his character attempt to deal with situations far beyond his comfort zone. And the classic dead pan that Tina Fey brings to her delivery brings a nice balance to the two actors. Mark Wahlberg appears several times throughout the film, and does what he does best - looking hot with his shirt off. Don't get me wrong, there are times when he can actually act, but his main purpose for this film was, in fact, to be shirtless. No arguments here.

Although the movie is rated PG-13 I didn't find anything in it to be offensive or lude, so letting your teenager watch it shouldn't be a problem. The film is only 88 minutes long, which took me back to the days of the 80s when movies were short and the comedy was quick. The action begins relatively quickly in this film, which is a nice change. The opening scenes merely set the stage for who the Fosters are, and who they don't want to become, which leads quickly and easily into their completely screwed up evening. My recommendation: IF YOU LIKE STEVE CARELL AND TINA FEY YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS THIS FILM! If you don't, at least catch it on DVD. It's short enough - you won't mind.

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  1. I loved this movie! I thought Tina Fey and Steve Carrel each did a great job.