Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Live from Branson... The Rankin Brothers!

Take a trip back with some of the best music from the 50s through the 90s with one of Branson’s hottest shows – The Rankin Brothers!

This show is comprised of two singing and guitar playing brothers, Matt and Mark Rankin, three female vocalists, and five amazing musicians. Every impressive note heard in the theater is live, and at intermission it is noted that they are one of the few shows in town to still uphold that fact.

Inspired by early duet groups of the 50s and 60s, the Rankins take you on a musical journey through the decades as they sing and dance their way through The Everly Brothers, Simon & Garfunkel, Sonny & Cher, and more. Both brothers have very unique voices in that Matt can hit almost every classic high note in “Unchained Melody” and Mark can imitate the vocal stylings of everyone from Neil Diamond to Elvis Presley. The female vocalists, “The Rankinettes,” get their share of the spotlight when they are featured in famous chick-songs like “Its My Party,” “Mr. Postman,” and “One Fine Day.” All in all the music selections were fun, although expected and overplayed by many shows in Branson, and the show maintained a great energy that kept the entire audience clapping their hands and stomping their feet.

The brothers offer their own unique comedy style in the show as well. The ongoing joke about how embarrassed the family is by Mark’s obsession with impersonating Elvis is well played, and the brothers banter towards each other, as well as their competition with each other is always fun to watch.

After the show both Rankin brothers stay in the lobby to greet each person who attended, sign autographs, and take pictures. This is a great way for them to connect with their audience, and to let everyone in on a secret I have known about the brothers for over a year – they truly are the nicest people in Branson! I have met both brothers on numerous occasions and can personally tell you I have never met more genuine and polite entertainers. They truly love what they do, and they are outwardly grateful for their fans and show patrons. Let me tell you, it is refreshing to be around!

If you love rock and roll through any decade, you will love this show. There is something for everyone, so take the kids and take your parents and enjoy a fun night with The Rankin Brothers! Held at The Caravelle Theatre on Highway 76, the show runs every Tuesday – Saturday at 8 p.m. Be sure and check out the brothers on their website.

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