Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The rush of "Ranch Rush"!

If you're sitting at your computer and thinking to yourself, "I need a new game to be totally addicted to," then "Ranch Rush" may be for you!

I am a huge fan of games where you start from scratch and build:  whether it be a city, a house, a mall, a farm, a train station... you get the idea.  When I first started play "Farm Town" on Facebook I thoroughly enjoyed planting, harvesting, and selling my crops.  However, that's where the fun ended.  There was no point or purpose; I just kept doing more of the same thing over and over.  Luckily, "Ranch Rush" takes care of that problem. 

The goal in "Ranch Rush" is to complete a customer order each day.  You are given a specific time frame to complete this order, and it may involve anything from harvesting wheat to making bread to taking honey out of a bee hive.  Each day gets a little harder, and each week in the game you add more products to offer to customers.  The game is very fast-paced, but luckily begins with a slower tutorial and helpful hints that pop up until you get the hang of everything.  I love that I control how much to plant, how many animals to have on my ranch, and what machines to buy in order to fill orders.  There are obstacles, of course, such as bugs in the crops, broken machines, and bee stings.  These only add to the challenge of the game, making it much more entertaining.

"Ranch Rush" is available for individual download, or as a pack from Amazon.com.  I highly suggest giving it a try, but not in a time frame where you need to get something else accomplished!

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